Here's What NOT To Do

"More is not always better"

When starting off in eCommerce, it's quite logical to think: "I want to sell lots of stuff to lots of people".

That's why the Third Biggest Mistake eCommerce marketers make does defy this logic...

Because that HUGE mistake beginners make is trying to "sell everything under the sun to everyone on the planet".

The fact is, while Amazon has been successful at this, it lost billions of dollars every year for many years while starting up, including $719 million in 1999 when they began.

Most of us don't have a few billion laying around to fund our "start-up".

That's why as independent eCommerce Sellers we have to focus on specific products aimed at very specific targeted markets...

...And it's not complicated:

1) Don't bog your eCommerce store down with 15,000 products that are not going to sell. Besides making it very time consuming and impossible to manage, it will LOWER your overall sales. Huge mistake.

2) Grow sales by marketing directly to your customers other stuff they will buy. Do this through Marketing Automation [more on that later].

3) Apply the 80/20 Rule: 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your products. Eliminate what's not selling and focus your product mix only on that 20%, plus other products similar or complimentary to that 20%. Keep it lean and mean.

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