The Story of Tom and James

You know Tom, but you’ve never met his brother James (and there’s a reason why).

Let me remind you of who Tom is...

You see, this is a story of two brothers, Tom and James, who at a rather young age dreamed up an ambitious plan.

Their plan was they would start a small business to make money as a means of putting themselves through college.

One brother would run the business during the day while the other went to school, and then go to school at night while the other ran the business.

From the very start, the business struggled, not making any money as they had hoped.

James wanted to quit. He wanted to give up.

So, he made this deal with Tom: James agreed to take an old used Volkswagen bug (value about 800 bucks) in exchange for his half of the business.

Tom agreed and James drove off into the sunset.

Not long after that transaction, Tom began to turn a profit in his little business: DOMINO’S PIZZA. His name is Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza.

BUT, the real story is how he did it:

…with ONE simple marketing message: “Hot Pizza Delivered in 30 Minutes or Less…”

(8 words = a lifetime of wealth)

The fact is eCommerce Entrepreneurs do exactly the same thing every day: Creating huge incomes with very effective messages. It's the key: Product Headlines and Descriptions that sell.

And, it is thousands of times easier to do than delivering hot pizzas to people in 30 minutes.

Just imagine how much money those 8 words have made Tom and how much James missed out on for not trying?

The shortest route to improving sales is to learn How To Turn Simple Words Into Effective Marketing Messages That Attracts Your Best Customers To You.

The magic is in the words you use. Tom did it with 8 words that perfectly matched what his target market wanted.

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