My high school “Guidance Counselor” hopes you never read this.

Today, Bill Gates first girlfriend in college says she remembers him as “being frail and having bad breadth”.

Today, Bill Gates remembers her as "not having 100 Billion Dollars".

Donald Trump’s father told Trump that he should “…stick to the suburbs because the big city was far more than he can handle”.

Often, when we think about what’s “possible” for ourselves, we imagine what we want to achieve based only on our current circumstances and our self image of our own potential (shaped by the negative influence and skepticism of others).

They hold you back. I know.

As a senior in high school one of my graduation prerequisites was to meet with the “Guidance Counselor” so that she could provide advice on “my future potential and a career path”.

Her advice:

“…find a trade like welding or carpentry.” (and hey, those aren’t bad gigs, really)

*So I had a chance to to be a welder or carpenter and instead I squandered it away to go into this online thing.

And as a result, before the age of 30 I built an INC. 500 Company, one of America’s fastest growing companies.

And, as ALL entrepreneurs experience, there were failures along the way. It was embarrassing. And moving: Every failure MOVING me one step closer to that success and everything I wanted to get.

What do you really want for yourself in the future when it comes to money, health, romance, etc.?

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if it were perfect?

Try this: Suspend your ideas, experiences, the perceptions of others, and per-conceived notions about what is possible for yourself and start right now creating the perfect life you want.

You CAN do it.

Success is the best revenge.

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