The Simple Formula For eCommerce Product Headlines That Create Sales

Headlines That Work Like Crazy Focus On The RESULTS or SOLUTION (Benefits) The Prospective Buyer Is Seeking

In eCommerce, your product page is the salesman. There's no one around to answer the prospects questions and "close the sale".

Combine this with the fact that your prospects have a very short attention span - about 4 seconds to be exact...

And that means your product headline and description must do all the work AND do it quickly.

The technique in creating effective product page headlines and descriptions that create buyers is simple if you know how...

...And the easiest part is you don't have to "invent" anything, nor do you need to be an expert "writer" because your prospects tell you what to say. There's no guesswork.


Converting a prospect into a buyer in eCommerce starts with your product page headline.

Nothing controls the attention grabbing potential of your product offer more than an effective headline:

* 8 out of 10 prospects who land on your page will read the headline.
* Only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of your page.

The objective of the product page headline is to make the prospect "stick". In other words, it makes them want to know more.

First impressions are everything, right?

Powerful headlines that generate the highest sales conversions are BENEFIT DRIVEN (The Hot Buttons).

- Headlines that work are focused on the RESULTS or SOLUTION (Benefits) the prospective buyer is seeking out.

- You have 4 seconds or less to convet this message, so you have to get it right.

Often beginners confuse "features" with "benefits" and this is a costly mistake.

For example, "This iPhone Case Comes In 5 Colors..." is about FEATURES.

While, "This Indestrucable Case Protects Your iPhone From Damage..." is about BENEFITS.

Can you see the difference in these two headlines?


Your prospect first wants to know "what can this product do for me?". The prospect needs to know the benefits before they care about the features.

So, if your headline quickly states the benefits, your prospect will "stick" and read more. Your bullet points in your product description can then cover the features such as "comes in 5 colors".

It's logical... "who cares what color it is if I don't even know WHY I want this product?"

- The BENEFITS tell the prospect why he/she wants it.

- The BENEFITS let's the prospect know this product delivers the results/solution the prospect is seeking.

Selling the “outcome” is the easiest formula to increase the effectiveness of your product headlines and product description.


The benefit driven headline is greatly enhanced in eCommerce with the pictures of the product that are used.

In the dropshipping business, it's easy for us because the product suppliers always provide great pictures of the products to use. The best pictures show the "results" or "demonstrate" the benefits and solution the product delivers.

The most powerful combination is a headline that focuses on the benefits/solution with the product images demonstrating those things. This is the prefect combination that pulls the prospect in, makes them want to read more about the product, and makes them take action you want them to take: BUY.

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